Tuesday, October 13, 2015

New in: MAC lipsticks + lip pencil

A little while ago I bought two lipsticks and a lip pencil from MAC. If you love neutral lip colors then keep on reading to find out more!

I'm not going to write a lot about these products as they are widely shown and known on many beauty blogs already. The lipsticks I bought, Faux and Mehr, are two very popular colors. Both colors are wearable for a variety of skin tones and neutral enough for everyday use. I've only heard and read less about the lip pencil Dervish but I was attracted by the color and it pairs well with Faux.

Top to bottom: Dervish lip pencil, Faux lipstick and Mehr lipstick.

The products a little closer: Dervish lip pencil, Faux lipstick and Mehr lipstick.

Swatch time! The pigmentation of all three products is very good. From left to right: Dervish lip pencil, Faux lipstick and Mehr lipstick.

Again from left to right: Dervish lip pencil, Faux lipstick and Mehr lipstick.

Faux - satin lipstick
Faux is a light brown rosy color. It just gives a little more color than a nude lipstick so it doesn't wash me out. The lipstick Faux has a satin finish. The satin finish is very comfortable to wear as it's just a little creamy and the color is also very opaque and quite longlasting.

Dervish - lip pencil
Dervish is a rose colored lip pencil. It has a golden sheen to it, but that's not noticeable once applied. I don't own more lip pencils by MAC. I find this one a bit hard to apply as it doesn't apply smoothly and goes on a bit harsh. I prefer a lip pencil by Essence over this one to be honest with you. Dry parts on my skin are showing when I fill in my lips completely with this lip pencil. The color is really nice though...

Dervish + Faux
Dervish and Faux make a really good team! Beacause of the lip pencil my lips look fuller than with lipstick alone. The color is subtle but still nicely showing (it's that contradictive?).

Mehr - matte lipstick
Mehr is a beautiful neutral color. The finish of the lipstick is matte. That makes it very longlasting but it's still comfortable to wear as it's not overly drying or anything. It does not emphasize the dry flakes on my lips which is a good thing of course.

Visit http://www.maccosmetics.com/ or, if you're Dutch, http://www.maccosmetics.nl/ for more product information.

I enjoy wearing these lip products! What do you think of these lip products by MAC?