Sunday, September 20, 2015

My latest discovery: Therme - a World of Beauty

Last Thursday I went to a press event from Therme. Therme is a Dutch beauty brand offering skincare for the total body. Their philosophy is to provide products with which you can easily create your spa at home for the ultimate welness experience in your own bath room. I was curious because I dit not really know what to expect from the event and the brand. To be honest with you, I only know the brand from shower products, but I got to discover so much more, so read on to find out about it!

I didn't have my photo camera with me (fail!) so all pictures from here on, except for the last one, are taken with my smartphone.

The event took place at a luxury villa in Blaricum.

The event was for bloggers and vloggers. As being hold on a week day morning is wasn't that busy at all. We were welcomed with nice cupcakes and macarons and a choice of drinks, alcoholic (prosecco!) and non-alcoholic (cucumber mint water).
After being showed the new products we got small bites served like sushi and salmon sandwiches. So we were taken care of really well!

The big surprise was the swimming pool downstairs that doubled as a show room for the Therme products.

There are two new fragrance lines released: Bulgarian Rose and Saigon Pink Lotus. The Saigon Pink Lotus products were showed on a display in the pool with lotus flowers floating around.

On the next the picture you see some products from the Thai Jasmine range and the Provence Lavender range. I find lavender such a relaxing scent so I'll definitely buy myself a shower satin for my evening showers.

Bali Flower!

The new range of Bulgarian Rose products was also shown on a display in the pool.

How zen! Also new are the fragrance sticks. They are available in four fragrances: Thalasso (my favourite!), Zen White Lotus, Hammam and Saigon Pink Lotus. They sell for € 9,95 and will last for approximately three months.

The event was hosted by Airen Mylene, known as host of Shownieuws on the Dutch TV channel SBS6. She's a beautiful and very spontaneous woman.

Before heading back home, I got this amazing box full of Therme products. I started using the Saigon Pink Lotus hand cream already and I love it. It smells really nice and it makes my hands feeling soft in an instant.
In general I can say that the Therme products really impress me. The fragrances of the products are so delicate and soft. Some scents are a bit fresher, some a bit sweeter, but it's never too much. I'm extremely picky when it comes to fragrances (that's why I only own three perfumes for example) and I'm quickly turned off by a smell being too overwhelming (too sweet, too fruity etc.), but these products all smell delicious in a humble way, which I love!

As far as I know they only sell their products in The Netherlands and Belgium. Hopefully they will go international in the future because everybody should get to know these lovely products!

Price indication of Saigon Pink Lotus products:
- Shower satin 200 ml: €4,57.
- Shower scrub 200 ml: € 8,63.
- Bath oil 100 ml: € 7,62.
- Body butter 250 g: € 9,10.
- Body mist 60 ml: € 7,07.
- Massage oil 125 ml: € 8,08.
- Hand cream 75 ml: € 5,95.
- Fragrance sticks: € 9,95.

Check out for the online web shop and more product information.

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